Overview and Tips

Notice: This walkthrough was created by Xbox Live user Dmbledore. At no time are you permitted to replicate, in whole or part, this guide on any website without my consent. You may however, provide a link to this guide anywhere on the internet you wish - no consent needed for that.

Note: I've replayed the game to verify the accuracy of this guide. This is version 2 of the guide.

Before you start the game, there is one thing you should be aware of. There is one achievement that is glitchy and that is the one for crossing the log. This is not a showstopper as there is a workaround. This will be discussed in the walkthrough.

Each level has primary objectives and secondary (optional) objectives. You must complete both if you wish to harvest every achievment the game has to offer. Subsequently, it is absolutely important you turn off the Autosave feature otherwise, if you miss an optional objective, you will not have a savepoint to revert back to. The Autosave uses one save slot and continually overwrites it. Again, do not use Autosave. At various points in the game, you will be given the opportunity to save. You should also take advantage of the 10 save slots and chose a different one everytime the game allows you to save.

Equally important is the mission summary screen. If you do not get all of the objectives you must start the level over again because when the game is over, you cannot revisit an area to complete missed optional objectives. Always, pay attention to the object summary. If you missed one, restart the map.

Be familiar with the in-game stats menu and how to use the map to locate your objectives - its very easy. You should also use Hunter Sense (right bumper - RB) to see animals that are hiding. It gives you a sort of thermal view. Actually, you should use Hunter Sense alot.

When you start the game, select Novice difficulty. Before you chose Career, scroll down to options and turn Autosave off. If you don't do it here, you can do it at the very beginning of the first level.

Its now time to play. Use the Mission Selector below to start.


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